Sunday, May 18, 2008

Long Week

Got a good deal of work to do this week - took a little break after finishing the 11 page excerpt, but am ready to forge on. I'm going to tackle the first "issue" of power out - I'm contemplating releasing it in five issue length parts. It's exactly 32 pages, which is perfect (printing comic books requires that you print in multiples of four - two pages on the front, two on the back of each page), but gives me little margin adjustments.

I've been doing a little sketching, to prepare me for the task of drawing again:

In some cases, I integrate these sketches directly into the roughs. Hopefully, when I print these out and put them on my light table to trasfer them to the bristol, I can get some clearer transfers and penciling is that much easier. There's plenty of times that my drawings I did in the rough stage are completely useless.

I have an ambitious mind this week. Hopefully I have lots to share with you all!

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mattmattmatt said...

friendface used to be cool, before it got all "corporate"