Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Killing one bird with two pages (and mourning it with two more)

So I've been revamping the book a little bit - particularly the first part. I mapped out the whole story, and concluded that all my favorite scenes, and most of the stuff with most impact, were in the back of the book. I notice when I present people the book, I tend to rush through the first part, and it feels mostly like a setup. So I'm introducing the mortality themes introduced later in the book by killing a baby bird.

The teenagers are the party torment a half-alive baby bird and then the big guy mercifully (but...dramatically!) puts it out of its misery. Justin finds the bird later when he's mowing the lawn, and Maya performs an impromptu funeral service. I love the contrast between the savage and sweet - I can see the reviews right now:
The unassuming chemistry between the main characters creates more than a few tender and genuinely touching moments, but Schreiber avoids sentimentality by unflinchingly showing the savage consequences of teenagers' darker impulses. With this virtuoso first novel, Schreiber catapults himself into a an elite class alongside Clowes, Ware, Crumb, Michaelangelo, and the Lord God himself.

Anyways, enough daydreaming. Gotta get crackin' so someday there's a review to write!

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