Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pencils Down

Finally got the pencils done tonight. Of course, I'll need to revise a few things (like lenghtening Maya's shorts, re-drawing the level of the trees relative to the water tower to match the spread, making sure Justin's body is consistent) but I can do that this weekend while I get re-acquainted with all of my inking tools.

The double page spread - lot of love went into this. Trees are harder to draw than one would imagine. Unfortunately, you can't really see the faint upper part but it adds a much stronger layer of depth. This will really pop when inked (I hope)

A lesson to all you field marshalls in the militia - keep your studio and especially your tools clean! There's this kind of rubbery thing I typically employ for long curves that I used to draw the water tower, and it had some un-erasable gunk on it that got on my drawing! Fortunately, this gunk kinda looks like the rust on the water tower, so while I wouldn't call it a "happy accident," the damage is limited (you can see it just to the right of Maya and right above the ladder). First thing tomorrow, I'm cleaning up this mess!

It was sunny today (and warm! hooray) so I could take a reference photo for the long shadows on the eleventh page. Note the improvised shorts.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful water tower scene!
And the improvised shorts are... something!