Monday, April 07, 2008

And I'm an idiot

Once again, I have laid plans that are too ambitious. Looking at my last blog post and the utterly ridiculous schedule I laid out. In two and a half days, I'm supposed to ink eleven pages??? What goes through my head when I make these schedules? I am insane. A professional inker, if he's exceptional, can get three pages done a day. If I can get half done what I've laid out, it'll practically be a miracle.

And speaking of being stupid, I felt like I needed to treat myself at 8:30 coffee. So now I'm up way past my schedule - I did get a good amount of penciling done (although not "the overwhelming majority") but now I have to wake up late and eat into tomorrow's cycle. I just took an ambien (which might kick in before I finish posting, so keep your eyes out for anything w a c k y), which occasionally makes me wake up and feel terrible. groan

Still beats makin underwear.

What on earth is going on with Maya's right elbow in that third panel? goodness.

Even though it draws a fair amount of blushes when I show it to people, this is one of my favorite sequences in the book - mostly nonverbal, it's a "coming-of-age" moment for both characters as they realize the hazards of intimacy and realize their own capability to hurt someone they are close to. I'm also proud because it looks believable enough but I don't have any incriminating reference.

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