Friday, March 07, 2008

Of Roughs and Mini-Roughs

So I've started to make a rough of my roughs. A lot of artists would call these drawings "thumbnails" but I'm going with "mini-roughs." One sounds like a hard and sharp part of your body you routinely trim off, the other sounds like a treat you'd feed a dog.

What makes a mini-rough so appetizing is you can focus purely on storytelling: you lay the page out, pick the shot, subject, and frame. This allows me to focus more on composition and detail in the next stage. The results so far have been pretty good - I've gotten better looking roughs. Some might even be good enough to ink over - that could save considerable time. The mini-roughs do take a long time, but the larger versions are much much shorter - and you don't have to redo them.

So heres some mini-roughs I did today, followed by their "un-mini" version:

Mom, check out the sleeping position in the bottom left page. Look familiar?


Anonymous said...

It certainly does look familar! Mom

Anonymous said...

I do want to name a dog snack "mini ruffs" it is a perfect name!