Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hey I'm blogging again

Sorry for the hiatus - went to Rhode Island to campaign for Obama, but I'm back now and ready to work on the book.

51 Pages into the roughs, they are starting to come easier. I'm currently at an interesting stretch of the book: roughly 20 pages without dialogue. When you start getting more visual, an utterly unique aspect of comics becomes more apparent - page breaks. There's a rhythm to the suspense of a page break, because when a reader flips the page, for a brief instant, they're going to see where the story's going on both new pages. So, you usually want to put the tension on the lower right hand part of the spread and your "reveals" on the subsequent page's upper left hand corner. I couldn't imagine how important this principle would be in a horror story, where tension and revealing information are the trade. I'd give you an example, but I have to try and at least spare some spoilers.

Nice page I did today. Justin's in the woods.

Totally unrelated, but important: does anyone realize that there's a war brewing in South America??? I understand we have an exciting election, but this story hasn't even cracked the front page of the New York Times, and it's been at least two days! There's been military action between U.S.-backed Columbia and Venezuelan-backed Ecuador. This could get ugly!

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esp. since Venezuala is giving the us oil...