Monday, March 10, 2008


I'm gonna try and finish all the roughs by the end of this week. Think I can do it.

This one has my first double page spread - it was a challenge to time right, but I think its pretty cool.



I like the way this interaction between Justin and Maya works, but fear it might be a little too cliché. I figure there's enough twists (it's usually a woman in the role of being surprised, and there's a significant communication barrier) that its fresh. I'll have to re-examine it later, but I think it works for now.

and here's the spread:

And I know I talk about politics every once in a while here, and I don't want to really make it about anything other than making comics. But a lot of people are comparing Obama to JFK, and I don't think people really grasp JFK's legacy. This is a really important video and I think it clarifies JFK's role in American History, for better or worse.

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