Saturday, March 01, 2008

Rough Patch

Not cruising along as fast as I'd like - I guess the story is hitting a part with a lot less dialogue and more action. It gets a little harder to figure out a scene or a page when you have a clear idea but don't have any dialogue for exposition.

Here's a scene where Justin and Maya climb a tree is his backyard. Maya feels adventurous, and stands up on the branch, but falls forward, and ends up clutching Justin's upper thigh tensely and opening hinting at a reservoir of sexual tension. Maya's mom calls her down, Justin watches her and turns his attention to the town he can see in the distance.

Hopefully this'll all be clear when there's ink on there.

I'm going to campaign in Rhode Island tomorrow - hoping I can get some drawing done on the bus but we'll see. If I can't get any blogging done there, I'll see you Wednesday!

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