Saturday, March 17, 2007

Some new projects...

Been working a whole lot lately. My job at the new underwear place was getting unbearable lately as I've been doing full-time hours, but luckily, I got saved yesterday by two new projects that are right up my alley. The first is creating some graphics for a weekender thong pack - which would be a pretty routine job if they weren't giving me more creative control than I've had since my days at Burlen (that website has said "COMING SOON" for over three years). Basic concept is cute girls doing cute things. They didn't have to ask me twice:)
The next is an ad for Rene Rofe's (ahem) "Hot Bottoms" line. This ad could be all over the city! It's just as likely to be shelved in committee, so keep your fingers crossed.

I'm trying to find time to sneak in to work on Consumed. I want to finish the script first - going between script and page and storyboarding and roughs really keeps you from working fast - it's the kind of thing that works when you have a whole day to dedicate to the comic and you can start one task when you inevetibly get tired of the former, but it doesn't work in spurts. I'll get it done - slowly but surely.

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