Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Comic Abstraction at MoMA

Saw an amazing show last Friday at MoMA. Check it out if you can - very inspiring stuff. Lots of fresh takes on conventional comic techniques.

Check out Philippe Parreno's Speech Bubbles. How cool is this?


I drew this at a bar immediately after the show:


Incidentally, I've been fascinated with religious imagery lately - I think Arcade Fire's new album may have pointed me in that direction...

Back to MoMA, I took a real long look at Julie Mehretu's Retopistics: A Renegade Excavation.


It incorporates some crazy imagery, like comic style explosions layered over airport blueprints. It tells a loose historical narrative about violence and migration - you felt more like you were reading the painting than looking at it.

Good to get to a museum! Sometimes I forget how inspiring art is. It's a nice thing to be reminded of.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the speech bubbles!