Friday, February 17, 2012

So I went to cartoonist /  friend Lucile Duchemin's African dance class yesterday to do gestural figure drawing with cartoonist / recovering pyromaniac Laure Clémandsaud-Madia. Happy with the results, I filled over 70 pages of my sketchbook!

There's something fantastic about doing quick gestural drawings. I think my favorite part is that you don't have time to think. I'd like to take more time to meditate, but I always make an argument against it - I have work to do, I need to draw! Drawing quickly, and mindfully, in its own way is a kind of meditation.

Here are some results:

It started off with Lucille's beginner's class. This felt easier for drawing, since the motions were slower and more repetitious. You could anticipate the movement better.

For a forty minute break, there were break dancers. They are so hard to draw! They move so fast and there's very little predictability to their movement. There was one guy who had a real slow, in control pop / lock type movement, it was fun to watch.

Laure made it into this sketch

The last class was an advanced African dance class. Everyone was moving much faster! Very difficult, but their were some great gestures.


If you're on facebook, you can check out the whole album here.

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laure said...

héhéhé !!! ca tuche m'sieur !
on en fera d'autres !!!