Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Health Care Reform!

The book I completed with Jon Gruber - Health Care Reform: What it is, Why it's Necessary, How it Works - has been out for almost a month now, but today is an especially important day because Jon Gruber - the MIT Economist who authored the Massachusetts health care plan and advised Obama and congress on the national Affordable Care Act - is delivering a speech at the progressive think Tank Center for American Progress about our book. Accompanying that speech is a three minute animated primer for the book - featuring illustrations by me! It's pretty cool - check it out here:

A few notes on the book - I've heard some criticism that the book is too "pro" health care reform. This criticism is kind of silly, though - of COURSE the book is pro health care reform, it is written by the person who authored the bill! My personal opinion is that we need a more integrated solution, something that takes advantage of the size of our population and the risk pooling that size allows, similar to what we do for veterans. But Gruber acknowledges the political realities in the book, explaining exactly why the bill is constructed the way it is.

I need to make a quick shout-out to someone important - I didn't do all of the art chores on this book alone. While I may have thumbnailed  and penciled the book, I only inked a portion of it. Blue Delliquanti helped immensely with inking, the backgrounds in particular, and I couldn't have met the books slightly ridiculous deadline (145 pages from script to finish in 4+ months) without her help. She is a rising star in comics - keep an eye out for her.

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