Monday, November 15, 2010

The King Con II Drawbridge Sketchbook Competition Wrapup!
We saw some amazing sketchbooks at Brooklyn's King Con II:

Check out this awesome Kim Pine from Jason Borelli's sketchbook! (Don't know the artist...any help?)

Here's a Bill Sienkiewicz sketch from another sketchbook - forget who's!

But the winner was Trish Orr, who's Spider Jerusalem sketchbook had so much amazing material.

I asked Trish to pose with the sketchbook turned to her favorite sketch, and she chose Tim Hamilton's Barbarian King!

Here's the rest of the work from the sketchbook - check out these artists every day on Drawbridge!

Nick Abadzis

Bill Alger

Reilly Brown

Becky Cloonan

Rami Efal

Simon Fraser

Robin Ha

Dean Haspiel

George O'Connor

Joan Reilly

James Smith

Bobby Timony

and here's mine


Tim Hamilton said...

I was her fav??

natsch said...

Whoa, someone left a comment on my blog that wasn't an adverstisement for viagra? Sweet!

Mike Sudduth said...

Wow....I started randomly following you a month or 2 ago once I stumbled upon your art. I never expected to see one of my sketches get on there. Trish was super cool, too. Thanks for the unintentional publicity.

natsch said...

That's awesome Mike! Be proud, you're one of the reasons Trish won!

Trish Orr said...

I found it very difficult being put on the spot to pick a favorite one, only having seen the sketches once, very quickly. I love them all and I look at them repeatedly. I would love to have Nathan’s as a desktop to see after a long stressful day, as it invokes warm fuzzy calm feelings. Fraser’s is brilliant and I was immediately drawn to Dante, but with the first glance, I had missed the back story and other characters that seem so obvious to me now. James Smith’s sketch makes me want to run out and read his comic. Is that blood on the skateboard? I am immediately drawn into the character. Dean Haspeil’s is deceptively simple but there is no mistaking its brilliant. Already a fan of Becky Cloonan, I can’t wait to see take on Northlanders when its traded. If it’s like her sketch, it will be intense, gritty and hard. Robin Ha’s makes me laugh. I almost picked Alger’s. I love the use of negative space highlighting the monster’s many hands. Nick Abadzis’ is fun and adorable. I am a big fan of Reilly Brown, big big fan, haven’t seen anything of his I haven’t liked. Bobby Timony’s sketching style is as fun as his comic. But having 5 sketches total from him and his brother, and having read and loved Night Owls, the sketch wasn’t “new” to me so I didn’t pick it. Rami Efal’s is amazing because it feels like a snapshot. It captured the determination on the face of the split second after the decision to draw the sword was made but also captures the energy and movement of the split second before he draws the sword. I find George’s intriguing as it is so different from his Ball Peen Hammer of which I am familiar. It takes talent to adapt the drawing style to fit the story. I was completely unfamiliar with Joan Reilly previously, but her sketch is fun and leads me to jump off into a myriad of “I wonder” story lines.
And while I love the sketchbook and all the contributor’s sketches, I had to pick one. Tim Hamilton’s sketch told an immediate story and drew me into the details. He is mighty yet tired, powerful yet dejected, wise but bored… at least that was what I saw and why I picked this sketch from among the other wonderful sketches in the book.

Trish said...

Hi Mike!

Jason said...

The artist of the Kim Pine sketch was Danielle Corsetto. And I'm glad you liked it.