Thursday, November 04, 2010

The King Con Drawbridge Sketchbook Competition - two days away!

Convention sketchbook veterans already know the routine, but this is a great opportunity for new collectors to start their own sketchbook! Bring a sketchbook to different tables - most artists are happy to do a small quick sketch, a head shot of a character they draw regularly, for example. For more elaborate sketches, some artists charge and others ask you to buy a book for a sketch. Be polite and friendly, and if an artist is too busy, just go to another table! And if you're entering the competition, make sure the artist signs the work with a "King Con" after their name!

Get your sketchbooks to the Act-I-Vate table by 5PM - they will be judged by a panel including 2000AD artist Simon Fraser, Marvel Artists Reilly Brown and Robin Ha, and myself. An announcement on the winning sketchbook will be made at 6:30 on Sunday November 7th. The winner will win the Drawbridge Sketchbook, with art by Nick Abadzis, Reilly Brown, Becky Cloonan, Robin Ha, Simon Fraser, Tim Hamilton, Dean Haspiel, Nathan Schreiber, and James Smith!

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