Monday, September 15, 2008

You might not know this, but in fact, I have a book...

Exciting developments in the field of book-authorship / ownership - you might not know this, but in fact, I have a book!

Now, I know what you're thinking - Nathan, all you did was just take a print-out of your cover to Power Out on fine, glossy stock, and held that in front of the camera! The realm of book ownership / authorship - that is a realm not open to you! Ah, but my friend, I will ask you this: could a piece high quality glossy stock open up like this??

But Nathan,
you exhaustedly reply. You could've just taken two pieces of paper, clamped them together in the back, and held them like so, in order to create the appearance of a book! Scholars, poets, trustafarians with charmed lives - it is these privileged folk who delect in holding a book with their own name on it! The pleasures of book-holding-by-the-book-author, these were never meant for you, you hopeless romantic fool! These notions of yours will only bring pain and suffering, as it is not of someone of your humble station to hold that-which-is-a-book-with-your-name-on-it!

Well, to you, I say, this:

And just in case you were still unconvinced, this might clarify things a little bit.

So, this is really just a mockup I made on blurb, but it came out great. The next step is sending it to publishers and making money hand over fist!

BTW, in the background is my NEW STUDIO, the corner of which is dubbed Fortress Nathan! Any contributions to Fortress Nathan! be they canned food, bristol board, respectably paying freelance work, or even just a visit will be greatly appreciated.


pruney said...

Awesome! Way to go! You look happy : )

natsch said...

Thanks! I am!

Anonymous said...

You also look moderately insane, but that's okay too :)

natsch said...

I'm CUH-RAAAAAZY for self-publishing!