Tuesday, September 09, 2008


So I finally sent Power Out to get printed. If by any chance, anyone in the nathanschreiber.com GWOT wants a copy of the 54 page book I'm publishing through blurb for the remotely significant price of forty dollars, let me know. Otherwise, you can just wait till the whole book comes out in a year or two.

Made some changes - most significantly, I rearranged and added and subtracted some panels from the power out sequence:

Also altered some things on the page where they're about to kill the baby bird. One of my colleagues said it was a much better page, I tend to agree with him:

And a minor adjustment - I changed the slightly humorous "Where's the Tuna?" article from the paper to reference the 93rd birthday of the electric clock - something you'll see celebrated in the next chapter when Justin goes to town:

So what now? Well, I'll wait ten business days for the printed copy to come back, hopefully there's nothing really egregiously wrong with it. Then I order a few more, send the existing copy to Fantagraphics, send the next batch out to a few other publishers, and wait for the inevitable bidding war to ensue. In the meantime, I'm doing some freelance work to pay some bills, and illustrating a short story with Barbara Rushkoff for Smith Magazine's Next Door Neighbor anthology. When I wrap that up, publishing deal or not, I'm going ahead with the next chapter of Power Out. I'm sticking roughly to the thumbnails I posted earlier this year, but rest assured, there will be more intrigue, action, sex, and significantly less power.

I'll keep ya posted.

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