Sunday, June 15, 2008

I have to put some digital lettering on a few of these pages (which I'll subsequently print out and light table back onto the pages to give the easier to lay-out but unlively computer typography a hand-drawn look) and figured I'd post the pages.

I'm staying in New York, so get used to it!


mattmattmatt said...

I like the choice of the Wavebird.

Staying in NYC?

natsch said...

I'm guessing that's the controller?

Yep - didn't win the scholarship, seems pointless. NYC is the place to be right now.

Anonymous said...

Darn, sorry to hear you won't come to CCS. I really like your comics but I know you'll make some great work staying in NY!

natsch said...

Yeah, it would have been a great experience, but I haven't been working since January, and I'm very wary of going into debt. There's frankly too many good things going on in NYC right now to go.

I'll officially defer admission, cause who knows what's going to happen in the future? But getting Power Out published is my goal for the next year.

Good luck in WRJ, and congratulations! I thought it would either go to you or Katherine:) I'm sure you guys will tear it up.

Linda Schreiber said...

Nate, I love the blankness of the boys eyes. I can't quite see how you did it but there's no life in them. Mom

natsch said...

Thanks! Yeah, Justin's eyes change appreciably after the Power Out, particularly around Maya.