Monday, June 02, 2008

First look at Power Out pencils

My sincerest apologies for being such a negligent blogger! I'll try to post more frequently, but truthfully I have been unbelievable busy working on the next run of pencils for Power Out. So, I'll get right to it, with some of the highlights.

I love Carrie's faces here, and especially how they contrast with the emotionless Justin. I'm a little worried that they look a little too realistic, most of the faces look a little "cartoonier."

This top panel came out better than I thought it would - I also snuck a bird into the silhouette. Visually, I'm going to make birds a life / death symbol in the book.

The introduction of Maya. Hopefully the audience can fall in love with the girl next door.

Good thing I went home last weekend and could take all those reference photos of the mower!

Did this page today - I love the hands!

Noticing that I'm getting slower - I would pencil in about three / four pages at first and now I'm lucky if I get two. On the other hand, the pencils are getting a lot tighter, and when I go back to tighten up the pages in the second round, obviously the last half will need considerably less work. I think this is good, though - I'm going to become a more accomplished penciler during this process, so the latter work will always look a little better, and if I can go in and touch up the earlier work, it'll even out the quality.

During the fairly monotonous (though enjoyable) task of penciling, I'm constantly writing and rewriting the later chapters in my head, and my instincts are always putting it in a weirder direction. I think I'm going to have a dream sequence and the ghost of Henry E. Warren, inventor of the first electric clock, may make an appearance in the comic.

I'd love to tell you that I'm going to be posting more frequently, but I've been spending nearly all my time working on these pages - I'm going out less and less, and my studio sessions at Deep Six have become far more regular (I've been there every single day since Tuesday, usually for ten-twelve hour intervals) as it has effectively combined my work and social life. And with some freelance gigs and an American Sign Language class in the future, there's a good chance postings will be less frequent. Who knows, though, maybe I'll buck the trend. When I start inking, there'll be a catalog of images to post, so I can tease a steady stream of unseen artwork out.

Been listening to Television, one of those bands that's always been on my checklist of bands I need to listen to. And like most bands on that list, they rock.

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