Monday, December 03, 2007

Robot, Snowman, and Myself

So I'm working on a short story that stars myself, a robot, and a snowman. The snowman will be a colorful local, the robot will be cold, calculating, and effective, while I will be a man haunted by visions. The snowman will be my guide through the tundra, myself having hooked up with the robot (who works for the government) earlier when he heard about my visions of a mysterious glacier.

The Glacier is going to represent the "frozen" nature of comics; the way ideas and images are mixed together in a non-linear fashion very similar to human thought. Hopefully, all this won't be too hard to flesh out over eight pages. I've been working more on the story outline than actual images but had a chance to sketch a draft of the "me" character, robot, and the trio walking together across the tundra.




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