Thursday, November 01, 2007

Some new stuff, and a favor...

Putting some new stuff up. I think I really nailed a few of the heads this time, and tried some interesting stuff with the lighting. More significantly, I've integrated some backgrounds - this is pretty quick stuff (and let's face I do NOT want to spend a lot of time on backgrounds!) but I still think it looks pretty sharp. A lot of people consider using photography for backgrounds "cheating" (if such a word can be applied to the gimmick of making a 2 dimensional surface appear to have depth) but I don't care as long as it looks decent and doesn't take a weekend to render.

This is some pretty cinematic looking stuff. Also, in the pic of Richard, you can see the WTC. I'm considering setting Consumed in a future where 9/11 never happened.

So feel free to scan below to see my artwork, but I'm trying something new - if you'd like to see my blog updates on a slideshow, follow this flickr link. I want to experiment with ways of making the material on this site more accessible / interesting to access.

Which brings me to another point - I want to increase traffic to this site. Some of the stuff I need to do is obvious; catalog the images I put on the blog, put up links to other sites and get them to link to me, generate more content more regularly, etc. But if you and the other 1.5 people who read this come up with any more ideas, let me know! Hopefully I'll get around to updating this site over the weekend.









Anonymous said...

I really like the Cynic one and the character with his head in his hands - the pants and shoes are amazing!

natsch said...

Thanks! Leather shoes are surprisingly simply when you figure out where the planes are.