Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Some more pencils...

Whew! Been workin real hard last week. Taking tonight off feels nice.

Been having a lot of serious questions / doubts lately, it might be artistic growth or just my annual case of the winter blues (or perhaps, both?).

I like the work I'm doing now but am not terribly satisfied with a great deal of work before it, and I'm having serious questions about how long I can sustain my life as an artist (particularly in New York), and what my priorities are in life. How important is my art to me, what other things do I want out of life, is what I'm doing making me happy, blah blah blah. That kind of stuff. The internal volume on all these questions goes down when the flowers come back out, so I hope you'll join me in hoping that spring doesn't take its sweet fucking time arriving on schedule. Something tells me we have some top people in the government making sure this is the shortest winter yet.

There's a lot more emotion in this story than the last one (and maybe that's why I've been feeling...touchy?), and this starts to introduce some "quieter" moments. I read the first issue of consumed and I just feel like I'm dragging people through the plot, overexplaining and whatnot. Don't let your plot get in the way of your story!

I hope the NYC locales are remotely recognizable - sometimes backgrounds can be such a chore.



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