Tuesday, November 13, 2012


It's 4090:  the last of humanity occupies an unnamed city resembling a disembodied collection of outsized human organs, each citizen possessing a personal force-field that protects them from the increasingly toxic atmosphere. A last-ditch effort to mine suppressed emotions as a source of energy backfires, causing the stoic society to violently unravel. Completed for Frank Santoro's Spring 2012 Comics Correspondence Course, 4090 is a tense, explosive tale of loss and redemption on an apocalyptic scale.
Influenced heavily by H.G. Oesterheld and Alberto Breccia's masterpiece El Eternauta, with visual nods to Kirby-era Fantastic Four, 4090's loose, minimal style marks a departure from the cleaner line evident in previous works like Power Out. 100 books feature a limited edition rubber stamped cover.
32 Pages, 5.5" x 8.5",  Black and White, Retrofit Comics. Order directly from my storenvy store here.

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