Sunday, November 20, 2011

So Angoulême is pretty great so far.  Still getting comfortable (and working off jet-lag). My french still sucks, but hopefully I'll get better fast. I've met a lot of very cool and exceptionally talented artists. And I mean a LOT - there's tons of cartoonists and animators here. I'm going to start working on Power Out again tomorrow, but figure I'd post some pictures of where this all is going to happen.

La Maison des Auteurs (MDA) where I'm working. It's a pretty amazing facility, and I'm sure I'll have more photos of the interior soon. Very talented people work here.

I live above a tattoo parlor a block from the MDA. I have no idea how old the building I'm living in is, but I'd be shocked if it wasn't at least 400 years old.

Here's the staircase leading up to my apartment. It gets really dark at night, and there's lights but since it's France and they don't waste electricity, you turn on the light and then you have only like ten seconds till it's pitch black again. I'm afraid I'm going to completely eat it running down the stairs at some point.

This is the square in front of MDA. They used to impale people here in the middle ages.

this is the Hôtel de Ville, or olde city hall as Americans would call it.


Sandra said...

Yes, you have to rush after you tirn on the light, before it goes off again. This is great for energy conservation, you have to admit.

Simon Fraser said...

I'm assuming that Cafe Chaud is still open for business. Though it's gotten a bit tatty looking in recent years it's a lot more charming than the bloomin' Chat Noir!
Go have a Croque Monsieur for me.

Amy said...

You know that I ALWAYS have a flashlight on my keychain, but now you know WHY - 2 years of living in Switzerland taught me that I couldn't do 5 flights of stairs in the time allotted by the bottom light switch timer!

George O'Connor said...

Pretty freaking cool, Nathan.

Ann C. said...

Don't run, walk!