Friday, July 01, 2011

Seeking highly qualified assistant for graphic novel production

What you'll get
depending on qualifications and output, anywhere between $2,000 and $3,500
a spacious room in a four bedroom suburban house with parking space
a studio to work in, with supplies such as paper, ink, brushes, and pens supplied

Who you'd be working with
Nathan Schreiber, Xeric-winning and Harvey / Eisner nominated creator of Power Out, Sumfin' Silly, I Came as a Rat, and Terrell Quimby

What you'd be doing
for five weeks you'd be helping me finish production on a graphic novel explaining the Affordable Care Act, often referred to as the Health Care Reform bill. The bulk of the assignment would be inking my pencils, but would also include prepping layouts for penciling, erasing pencils and scanning pages. You'd be plugged into a workflow that allows us to take four pages from layouts to inks in a day. Pages are not terribly dense, usually with minimal backgrounds and simple character design.

Where you'd be staying
You'd have a spacious upstairs bedroom with an adjacent bathroom, with the whole floor to yourself, as well as your own parking space. The house has cable, wi-fi, and a fairly picturesque backyard. Ashland is a quaint, beautiful New England town, twenty miles west of Boston, which is accessible by commuter train. A leisurely 1.5 mile walk (which is pretty nice in the New England summer evening) takes you to a fantastic bar with excellent live music.

NOTE: living on site is not a requirement if you are able to commute to Ashland, MA.

What I need
A qualified assistant who takes instruction well and is ready to work soon and works well under the pressure of deadlines. I'd ideally like them to start no later than July 11th and stay until August 19th. Portfolio MUST have have substantial brush-ink work. Work with a nib pen (crow quill or G Pen) is a plus. Preference for a candidate who is male and has transportation. Someone who takes their work seriously but has a sense of humor is a perfect balance.

Please email links to a resume and online portfolio in an introductory email to Please provide two relevant references. Qualified candidates will have an interview over Skype next week. Apply no later than July 8th, preference given to candidates who apply early as I need to settle this issue fast.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, a younger me that didn't have a daughter half the time in central Wisconsin would snap at this opportunity!!

You should have no problem finding someone!!! Good Luck!

I dug Power Out 2 by the way! Great art, you really capture those setting, and love 2 colors. Thanks!