Sunday, February 13, 2011

Power Out Panic Attack

SO I had a panic attack the other night - I realized I have almost 120 pages left to do of Power Out before I finish, and the work I've accomplished since I've been in Santa Fe has been slow going.

the art is getting better, or at least I think so
I know a lot of this has to do with the pages I've been working on have been pretty labor intensive - the bee cave in chapter 3 has been murder, particularly when drawing the environments. It's taken a minute to get back into the style perhaps my standards are higher now, and that's slowing me down.

this page took forever
And the time I haven't been working on Power Out has been productive, like contributing to the sketchblog Drawbridge and working on my new webcomic Sumfin Silly.

a sketch on Drawbridge of Mike Dawson's Troop 141

But still, I need to redouble my efforts - I already spend a great deal of time working on the project, the key now is to focus efforts on using that time more efficiently. Here's three steps I'm going to implement:

-not obsessing over minute details
-showing more work online, which will encourage me to keep a schedule
-integrating perspective grids into my roughs to save time on backgrounds
making the computer do things in an instant it takes me a while to do with a ruler

Here's an example of the last one in action - this should make drawing the backgrounds a little bit less of a chore. I put a lot of work into my thumbnails - I ink them and everything, so when I light table them I don't have to worry about composition. Now, just by adding two rings of emanating lines in Illustrator, I can get a good two point (or three point with a third ring) perspective without using any tedious vanishing points.

I'm going to start a Kickstarter project, either this Friday or the next, to try and raise funds to print my book for MoCCA. I want to purchase most of the equipment so I can do this work myself; it will be like my own "print on demand" service. I want to get a decent color laser printer, a book binding kit, and paper, and hell, maybe a little advertising too.

I'm going to try and do a longer form blog like this every Sunday - mainly to chart my progress and give myself an extra "carrot" to motivate me to be productive. I need to finish this book - I don't know if I could forgive myself if I couldn't. But there's a whole lot more work to do, and I feel a little overwhelmed. Hopefully, breaking everything into little, week-long chunks when I update on Act-I-Vate (and here) will help with the long hard slog.


KMB said...

Nice post brother. How did you make those "rings of emanating lines" in Illustrator? That is an incredibly handy trick.

Can't wait for more power out. The third panel of the page oozes Miyazaki.

Michael Lapinski said...

Thanks for the additional thoughts and process, Nathan.

Love what I see on the bee cave (it was worth it!) and those Illustrator grids sure seem like a handy tool.