Monday, October 18, 2010

The King Con Drawbridge Sketchbook Competition!

Think you have the best sketchbook in Brooklyn? Come to King Con November 4-7, and enter your sketchbook in the King Con Drawbridge Sketchbook Competition! You could win the Drawbridge Sketchbook, filled with drawings by Dean Haspiel, Tim Hamilton, Simon Fraser, Reilly Brown, Nick Abadzis, Robin Ha, GB Tran, Joan Reilly, and Nathan Schreiber!

Collecting sketches from artists at conventions has been a time-honored tradition at comic conventions. Lots of collectors even have sketchbooks with particular themes: check out a sketchbook with particular theme - check out James Lucas Jones' The Royal Tenenbaums sketchbook, Jamie S. Rich's Audrey Hepburn sketchbook or B. Clay Moore's Marvel Timely sketchbook! It's a fun tradition, and a great opportunity to collect some amazing work!

Sketchbooks will be judged by a panel on Sunday, and the winning sketchbook must:

1. Have at least FIVE different artists work
2. Have one sketch made at King Con 2010!

The winner will be selected from a jury composed of artists who contributed to the sketchbook, and announced on Sunday November 7th!

King Con and Drawbridge see the competition as a way to give back to the sketchbook collectors who commission work and support their favorite artists. As comic conventions grow and transform the fundamental relationship the cons are based on – that between creator and fan – runs the risk of being drowned out. The Drawbridge Sketchbook competition reaffirms this connection between creator and fan, and showcases the depth of talent and community at King Con. We’re hoping artists and fans use the competition to make and collect some amazing work!

King Con II is Brooklyn's largest comics and graphic arts convention, held from November 5-7 at the Brooklyn Lyceum. Drawbridge is an online sketch collective for cartoonists in Deep Six and Hypothetical Island Studios.

For all inquiries about the Sketchbook Competition, contact me at

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