Thursday, April 15, 2010

OK! I sold a TON of books at MoCCA this past weekend at Power Out's debut - it was awesome!

I know I've encouraged people to give this pdf to your local comic book store so that your store orders it from Diamond. But hey, I figured there'd be some people who didn't have a local comic book store near them, and they could order from me. But nobody has ordered a $10 copy from Paypal yet...

Click here and click on the BUY NOW button to order through PayPal

So I'm sweetening the deal. The first ten people who order off of PayPal get this sweet, 11 x 17" print on watercolor paper absolutely free. And hey, I'll even throw in shipping!

Check it out - it's on this thick water color paper with a very nice texture.

So, once again, just order off of PayPal, click on the button that says "Buy Now" it will bring you to PayPal, just log in and if you're one of the first ten people you'll get a free poster.

Click here and click on the BUY NOW button to order through PayPal

Here's Power Out's first review from Write Club!

Here's an interview I did with Fandomania.

And hey, here's two new pages of Power Out

And one final note - please nominate me for a Harvey Award! I'm angling for best online comics work and most promising newcomer. Thanks!


Akane said...

Congratulations to you for getting the Xeric award and
publishing the book.
+I will nominate you for the other award!

Tom King said...

Hi, Nathan:

Your book looks great. I've tried to order it through PayPal by following the instructions on your website but am unable to do so. Could you take a look at this? I'm not sure it's working correctly.


Michelle said...

congrats on the eisner nomination! i love the comic so far -- wish the power would go out so i'd have an excuse not to study for my cs finals. (i'm a current dmd-er, amy pointed me to your work :D)