Friday, March 19, 2010

Romance in a shade of blue....

I updated Power Out tonight - read the new pages on Act-I-Vate here!

These two pages were pretty special to me, and I think included one of my best pages and maybe my best panel ever. Here it is in black and white:

Coloring was a real struggle tonight, and I was extremely tired. That weird white reflection in the water on the bottom of the first update was an eleventh hour (or in this case, fourth and a half hour) solution; I'll figure out whether I like it or not tomorrow.

The book is coming right along, and I'm really excited about the book release party I'm having May 22nd at Bergen St. Comics! I'll be doing all kinds of other events, like Heroes Con in the Bronx and an event at my hometown public library, and of course MoCCAFest! I'll hype all this more as it gets closer - right now it's time to sleep!

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