Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New Studio

Back in Park Slope, Brooklyn's homiest neighborhood and an excellent place to make comics. It may not be as big as those halcyon days in the Bronx, but I have two - count em, two - north facing windows and plenty of space to set up all of my stuff.

Finished the coloring on this 11th page. This is probably the only page where I like the pencils better than the finished inks / colors. I still think it evokes the feeling of alienation / isolation between the two characters, though.

And here's "tha mawnstah," as my friend Ryan might say. I feel like i could still work on this more, but at some point you just need to set it down. Still gotta color this one and touch up a few spots, but I think it conveys the necessary overwhelming moment when the two characters look out on top of the watertower.

This is obviously in the rough n' tumble phase, but I've started making the Power Out page, with the pages in order and in introductory page. This will get refined over the next few days, as will the pages themselves - particularly when I add dialogue.

Have another ambitious day tomorrow - starting the first pages from the book. Have to figure out just how many pages i want to go at a time - 11 seemed manageable.


Linda said...


I really like all of these power lines criss-crossing within the isolation. In a sense it may be a metaphor for how we make a "show" of being connected or of a surface connection that doesn't have depth.

The "mawnstah" is impressive.


Anonymous said...

And, 11 pages may be a tad ambitious! You're allowed to take a walk now and then!