Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Brush with Ok-Ness, no chicken

They weren't selling those $3.25 whole chickens at the Associate (three bucks! It's a whole roasted chicken!) so I had to get roast beef. Other than that, though, I've been following the schedule I set out on Monday pretty well.

I used a light table with a blown up copy of the roughs and just inked without any pencil lines underneath. It looks a little raw, but it may have convinced me that I need to use a brush for inking. It just feels right, especially given the tone of the story. I forgot how quick it is, too - Consumed just took a long time (two pages a week) for a lot of reason but a big part were because I used rapidographs, which just totally suck. This time, I might be able to just use a computer for any work unsuitable for a brush. I might also buy another sable-hair (like, a windsor series seven number 1, as opposed to my trusty #2) to help with the smaller stuff - as you can see, any time things get tight it looks blah.

Here's the original roughs:

And here's the inks:

I might just take the roughs and lightly trace them and work out any problem areas with the pencil. Ideally, I want a system that allows me to finish 2-3 pages a day. But one thing I gotta prepare the legions of die-hard nathanschreiber.com fans for is that this might not be the best looking work I've ever done. I'm hoping I can really nail down a more minimal style that works, but I can't do anything super-detailed or elaborate - this thing is almost 150 pages!!

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