Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blue Green and Purple

Here's the other two pages:

On the advice of exceptional cartoonist Jason Lutes (and anyone interested in Weimar Germany / great historical fiction should pick up the first book his Berlin trilogy) I'm trying using just one tone, and exploring something other than aqua (which, he says could read as too "tropical" for this story). Here's a light purple:'

And here's green:

need to sleep on these before I figure out how I think. I like that you can see more of the linework, but there's something a little less weighty about the page (another thing to consider - one color might be a lot cheaper for a publisher than two). Speaking of which, gotta print them out - how something looks on screen and how it looks in print can be a substantial difference.


Anonymous said...

I like the purple better than the green!

mattmattmatt said...

i like the purple too, but what about light brown or yellow?