Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Like It Rough

Still making roughs - this really is the fun part of the process. I'm almost concerned that if I'm only focused on the illustration later, it could get very tedious. But hypothetically, it'll make that process faster, and every aspect of the project more coherent, so there's a lot to gain.

It's interesting going from script to images, characters take on entirely different attitudes and persona. Justin's sister has changed in the script to kind of a simple brat to a complicated, compassionate, and vulnerable young woman. Sometimes I think this is arbitrary - there's a certain space in the panel or you ate something for lunch and you end up drawing a character in a position that reveals something. It's pretty cool; I guess it's kind of like having an actor interpret a scripted character.

I finished roughs for the first of three "acts" - I originally projected the first chapter would be 38 pages and it has come close, at 31. If this trend continues, the story might go beyond 100 pages.

Here's two cool sequences I really like - the first "meeting cute" page between the sullen, insulated boy and the not-so-typical (or American) girl next door.

I have to confess, this whole project is just my attempt to retrieve Skip-It™ from yesterdecade's ether.

I liked this one because its a good visual juxtaposition and expression of the theme. You have electric power under the natural solar power of the sun, and then completely blackness, before Justin is revealed to be opening the garage door. Power, out.


Anonymous said...

Nate, you may want to read up some on the power outage in Florida. Mom

natsch said...

Thanks lady:) I've definitely been reading up on it - most of the info is about the power grid failures. I keep looking for something that's a little more about how people coped, but it's rare.