Sunday, December 30, 2007

Money Shot

Worked way longer than I planned and got less done than I set out to do today. But that's ok - I really got in that zone where time evaporates and you just get so excited about what you're making that you can just keep going and going. These are the times you live for as an artist.


This is the second biggest panel in the entire story, so it definitely needed some extra kick. I may go back and rework a few things (like the way the characters are standing), but look at that depth! Look at that totally believable yet completely fictional space! That crazy, zip-o-tone esque pattern on the ice! Those utterly freudian caverns! Effing sweet. Making a panel like this, that I don't think other comics artist would either attempt or execute, makes me feel like I have a unique vision worth sharing.

Anyhow, enough narcissism:) (even though that's what the whole story is about). I still have a ton of work tomorrow...

1 comment:

Aim said...

I like looking at all of your thoughts in the ice - its like a treasure hunt or where's Waldo ;-)