Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Images in the Ice

It's a pretty haphazard process making a comic. In the beginning stages you "write" as much with pictures as with words. In exploring the character designs and the settings, the story, in a way, begins to write itself. It's a fairly unique process, but it's also kind of hard to get into a flow - the writing needs to keep up with the images, and vice versa.

Noticed something interesting today - I instinctively changed my handwriting from my usual all upper case when I was writing in a character's voice:


With comics, the look of the type does so much for establishing the voice of the character. Snowman is a folksy sort and his word typography needs to demonstrate as much.

Trying to get the desolate, tundra setting down. Also trying to draw what the inside of this glacier will look like - hope I'm not kicking myself later for giving myself something hard to render.




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