Thursday, December 27, 2007


Spent TWO HOURS on this sketch tonight. I redid it at least four times. Frustrating. Thank god I have a light table or who knows what this thing would look like, or how late I'd be posting this. I have an obsession with depth and I always choose people to move at weird angles with weird staging to achieve this - in my less confident moments I wonder whether the effect is worth it.

I think the stress of doing this every day is starting to get to me. My stomach is absolutely killing - it doesn't help that I'm working so much that I don't have time to buy / prepare healthier food. My stomach is usually pretty sensitive but when I'm under this kind of duress it gets excruciating. I'm trying to run more frequently, which helps, but there's the same problem - it takes away time I could draw and leaves more work for me to do in the end.

I kind of just want the world to freeze for two weeks so I can get this done and not kill myself. Can't wait for the weekend - it'll be nice when comic time doesn't compete with stupid employment time.


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