Sunday, September 23, 2007

Consumed Character Design - part I

Been a while - life's been real chaotic (but fun) lately as I've been out of town nearly every weekend for a wedding or a wedding related event. But now I'm back, and it's time to get serious about Consumed.

It might disappoint some people to hear this, but I think I'm going to redo the whole thing as a 150 page graphic novel. When I started, I had an idea of where I wanted the story to go, but I pretty much wrote it on a page-by-page basis. Which, I should tell anyone, is not a good method for writing a very heavy story.

I've been spending a lot of time nailing the story down and making all of the characters interesting, complicated, and charismatic. I have a feeling people will like the new direction the story is heading in - everything is going to be much more character based, and the story won't deviate too far from a central theme. Basically, it's going to be a more focused work.

Now, to help me along with this task, I'm doing a lot of character design and environment design. I want everything to look good, but simple - I want to be able to crank out two pages (penciled and inked) on a saturday or this project quite simply will not get done. I think this is an interesting challenge, and below is my first attempt at applying a simpler design ethic to the main characters. I'm going to crank out one of these every week so I can develop a great looking character that doesn't take long to develop.


Next week I plan on working on environment design. Most likely the backgrounds will be fairly minimal - if anyone knows any good minimal landscapes to look at, please let me know!

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