Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Econ 101 - the comic
Here we go - these next two pages bring it back to Rich, the main character, six months before the drama in the beginning. We also get to meet Leah, another central character. Ain't she pretty? If only these women really existed....

Notice the cameo by yours truly in the bottom left panel of the first page. I figured it was only appropriate, since I named the main character after my economics teacher, to have me asking him a question in class.

Gotta wrap up the first issue in the next five pages. Could a be a lot of work, hopefully I can do it over the next three weeks and still manage to get thecover and the grant proposal done (while finding roommates for my lofty art space - any takers???). Hopefully I look back at this time fondly when I'm older but right now I feel like I'm starting to come u n g l u e d

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