Sunday, April 23, 2006

First post, reposted

Originally posted April 14, 2006

April 14, 2006
Ok time to start this thing up. I just quit my job making women's panties, so now I have a lot more free time to work on my own stuff. I'm writing and drawing my own comic (I'm tentatively calling it Optimum, but that may change later) and I've added a link to that work.
Also, I'm working on a comic adapting Allen Fay's Making it as a Couple as a self-help relationship comic for teenagers.
I know this is really rough right now, but I'll update the site and hopefully figure out a way to let people post comments in the future.
For the most part, though, this blog'll be for posting images on new projects I'm working on, and I plan on updating it at least every Friday. However, I'm not ruling out ranting about whatever the hell is on mind at any given time.

Here's some images from Optimum, my new comic I hope to have finished up by August.

Here's the main character, Prof. Rich Brunelle (named after my high school Econ teacher).

And opposite him is Leah, who's starting to look a lot like a gypsy.

I liked this quick sketch i did of Leah drawing in a sketchbook.

Since the story takes place in New York, I gotta put in the Empire State Building...

Practice drawing from the prologue. New York's gonna be covered in garbage...

More garbage. I got this idea from my roommate...

might be hard to see whats going on here, but here's the roughs for the prologue.

Ok this is a recent piece I did for the latest show at Ironworks

And here's the lastest work I did for the teen relationships comic...

thats a lot of crap right there! Next week, hopefully I'll have a couple finished pages from Optimum!


cmod said...

Dig these pieces, Nate. Something Chris Ware-ish creeping into your work, and I like it.


Gabriel andreatti said... i liked your empire state. i draw too,and look at my empire! bye